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Home SMS read rate is 94%

SMS read rate is 94%

    Last updated on October 2nd, 2023 at 05:02 am

    Many businesses, researches, marketers, teachers, students, etc, are always wondering what is the SMS read rate?

    SMS read rate is 94%

    Data has been compiled via different resources, stats, publications, company data. The average has been taken.

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    The claim that SMS (Short Message Service) has a 94% read rate is often cited in marketing and communication circles. This statistic refers to the high likelihood that SMS messages are read by recipients, compared to other forms of communication. Several factors contribute to this high read rate:

    1. Immediate Delivery: SMS messages are typically delivered instantly or within seconds of being sent. This immediacy makes it more likely that recipients will see and read the message promptly.
    2. Direct and Concise: SMS messages have a character limit (usually 160 characters), which forces the sender to convey their message succinctly. This directness increases the chances of the recipient reading the message in its entirety.
    3. No Spam Filters: SMS messages generally bypass email spam filters, which means that they are more likely to land directly in the recipient’s inbox without being filtered out.
    4. Mobile Device Prevalence: With the widespread use of mobile devices, people tend to carry their phones with them at all times. This constant connectivity means that SMS messages are more likely to be seen promptly.
    5. Less Clutter: SMS messaging is typically reserved for more critical or time-sensitive communication, which means that recipients are less likely to receive a large volume of messages through this channel. This contrasts with email, where users often receive a significant amount of promotional and non-essential messages.
    6. Opt-In Nature: People generally opt in to receive SMS messages from specific organizations or services, which means that they are more likely to be receptive to the content they receive.
    7. Personal and Private: SMS messages are often perceived as more personal and private compared to public social media posts or even email communication. This perception can lead to higher engagement with SMS messages.
    8. No Dependence on Internet: SMS messages can be received and read without an active internet connection, making them accessible in situations where data connectivity is limited.

    It’s important to note that while the 94% read rate is a widely cited statistic, the actual read rate can vary based on factors such as the quality of the message content, the relationship between the sender and recipient, the timing of the message, and the demographics of the audience. Additionally, with the rise of messaging apps and alternative communication channels, the landscape of communication has evolved since this statistic was first established. SMS marketing has evolved as the most efficient and effective medium of marketing. It is a must have for any brand today. It provides an instant and personal communication. With tons of emails received these days, people prefer to receive text messages over emails. It is super easy and safe to use texting. Opting out is one of the strictest method in any marketing channel. Comparing to email, companies using text messaging follow strictly the rules of opting out. Fines are $500 per text received and it can add up quickly.



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