UPS and USPS ship from West to East coast

3 Easy Steps on How to Ship Package from West Coast to East Coast in USA


We will show an example of how to get BEST rate when shipping from West Coast to East Coast. Let’s say a 12 lb package from California to New York, dimensions are 21″x15″x4″ (for our example)


  1. You can register at USPS site, and they provide easy way to create labels.
  2. I was able to get a quote for $21.10, using USPS “Priority Mail® Large Flat Rate Box”.
  3. You will just need to put the items in the USPS Priority Mail box, which they give for free at the post office. You can also order the boxes online, but will take a while to be delivered to you.


  1. Go to and login or register an account.
  2. Create package via UPS page.
  3. The cost will be $22.73. This is the cost WITHOUT any discounts. Usually, you may try using a UPS coupon code “EASY”, this coupon code often gives us up to 40% discount, depending on package, destination, size, etc.
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