Instagram issues with emails

Issues with receiving emails from Instagram

  1. Unable to receive emails from Instagram for Emails such as: Verify your account, New login on Instagram from Firefox on Windows, Confirm your email address for Instagram, Reset Password
  2. Use this email to whitelist on your mail server as Sent from instagram email: Sent from:
  3. Instagram/Facebook checks on DNS level if the servers are ok, so they can save on resources
  4. Need to be whitelisted in your mail server and add the following record:


 "v=DMARC1; p=none; adkim=s; aspf=s; sp=none;;" 

5. Once you add the _dmarc record, wait several hours and try again. It should work! Makes sure all incoming spam/mail filters on your mail server are removed (at least temporarily) until you receive the emails.

6. It is recommended to use email. Gmail has rare issues with receiving emails so it might better to use Gmail email account.

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