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How to report an Amazon product with incorrect information

    Each Amazon product has unique characteristics that MUST match the true information on the product from the manufacturer. Some sellers change some of the information, BRAND for example, in order to lock the listing. Those sellers do that in order to prevent other competitors from selling in this particular ASIN. This way, they can be the only sellers of this product.

    1. If you are Amazon Seller, follow the info here: From your Amazon Seller Central (for sellers) follow the link, you will be able to navigate quickly: what kind of abuse do you want to report?

    2. If you are Amazon consumer client, please read below –

    Possible change of information on an Amazon product listing include:

    1. Product Title: The name of the product.
    2. Product Description: A detailed description of the product’s features, benefits, and specifications.
    3. Product Images: Visual representations of the product from different angles.
    4. Price: The cost of the product.
    5. Brand: With the new brand protection program enforced by Amazon, many sellers abuse it and create fake brands.
    6. Customer Reviews: Feedback from customers who have purchased and used the product.
    7. Product Specifications: Technical details such as dimensions, weight, materials, and more.
    8. Availability: Whether the product is in stock or not.
    9. Shipping Information: Estimated delivery time, shipping options, and costs.
    10. Seller Information: Details about the seller, including their ratings and reviews.
    11. Product Variations: Different options or models of the same product (e.g., size, color).
    12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Commonly asked questions and their answers related to the product.
    13. Product Ratings: Numeric or star-based ratings indicating the average satisfaction level of customers.
    14. Related Products: Suggestions for other products that customers often buy along with the current product.
    15. Product Videos: Videos showcasing the product in use or explaining its features.
    16. Warranty Information: Details about any warranties or guarantees associated with the product.
    17. Add to Cart/Buy Now Button: The option to add the product to the shopping cart or purchase it immediately.
    18. Product Bundles: Packages that include the product and other related items sold together.
    19. Product Promotions: Discounts, deals, or special offers for the product.
    20. Product Labels: Tags or labels indicating features like “Best Seller,” “New Arrival,” etc.
    How to report an Amazon product with incorrect information

    To report an Amazon product with incorrect information, follow these steps:

    1. Log In: Sign in to your Amazon account.
    2. Locate the Product: Navigate to the product’s listing page that contains the incorrect information.
    3. Scroll Down: Scroll down the page to find the section labeled “Product Information.”
    4. “Report incorrect product information” Link: Look for a link or button that says “Report incorrect product information”. This link is often located near the product information section.
    5. Provide Details: Click on the “Feedback” or “Product Page Feedback” link. A form will usually appear where you can provide details about the incorrect information. Explain what information is incorrect and provide accurate information if possible.
    6. Submit Feedback: Complete the form and submit your feedback. Some forms might also allow you to upload screenshots or additional information.
    7. Await Review: Amazon’s team will review the feedback you’ve submitted. If they confirm that the information is indeed incorrect, they may take steps to correct it.
    example how to report amazon product

    SELLERS: From your Amazon Seller Central (for sellers) follow the link what kind of abuse do you want to report?

    It’s important to remember that reporting incorrect information helps maintain the accuracy of product listings and the overall integrity of the platform. If you suspect deliberate abuse of the system, it’s best to leave it to Amazon to investigate and take appropriate action.

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