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Planning Your Wedding in Mauritius

    Last updated on September 17th, 2020 at 09:13 am

    Planning Your Wedding in Mauritius

    Mauritius is an amazing and romantic location and which is mostly the dream honeymoon spot of most of the couples. If you love to be there in Mauritius then there are quite a lot of things that you need to know about the place so that you can plan the wedding according to your dreams. This place has so many beautiful spots and amazing ways through which you can really make your wedding the most memorable and wonderful event in your life. There are various ways you can get marries and have real fun. It is always good for you know about the possibilities of getting married in the place in different styles that can make you happy.

    Hotel Wedding
    Mauritius is usually considered as the perfect location for marriage and honeymoon. There are so many hotels in this place which tries to take care of this peculiarity of Mauritius by providing it with all the necessary kind of the facilities so that the wedding happens in really awesome way possible. These hotels ensure that the wedding is organized exactly in the way the couple wants.

    Indian Weddings
    If you want to get married in Indian style then there are so many such kinds of places and event planners who ensure to get your marriage organized in typical Indian way. Your marriage will have all the pomp and luxury as well as rituals in an Indian wedding.

    Church Wedding
    There is so many unique and beautiful churches which allow you to get married as per the religious style. The beauty and looks of the churches can add to the beauty of your day.

    Barefoot Beach Wedding
    Getting married on the beachside barefoot enjoying the crystal clear water of the ocean can be a great experience. This is the awesome way to get married.

    Catamaran Wedding
    Getting married on cruise during sunset can be another memorable experience in life. You can have your very close ones nearby when you are tying knot.

    Underwater Wedding
    Getting married in a submarine or in the places where under sea walking is possible can be another unique experience one can have. When it comes to getting married in Mauritius there are certain places you need to consider for making your marriage really an awesome thing to happen.

    Constance Belle Mare Plage
    This is one among the best places which you can consider to get married. It is located in one stretch of the beach which looks amazingly beautiful. Getting out and tying knot in nature can be really an overwhelming experience if you are planning things accordingly. This is the location that has got tropical garden of 15 hectares and also the ones which can be protected by the coral reef and can have much luxury of the villas and private pools that face ocean. You can also find two golf courses here and also restorative sanctuary. This is the place which can pamper your dreams on wedding. There are wedding planners available here with whom you can share the dreams that you have for your wedding and this people do the things that you actually wanted to experience on your wedding. You may get extras like the candle light dinners, spa treatments for wedding and also massages for the couple. It all depends on your budget and your dreams which you shared with the wedding planner.

    Sugar Beach
    This is a beautiful resort that is located in the west coast of Mauritius. This resort gives you the privilege of getting married in front of the manor house tropical gardens. If you are so much into beach wedding then also they can arrange the unique wedding for you in their exceptional beach. There are so many wedding themes the resort has got which include contemporary, exotic, colonial plantation and so on. It is good for you to choose one which can are really much suitable for you and that matches with your dreams. It is also possible for you to opt to go for something simple like wedding on beach, then have a dinner with campire. This is indeed a great place for you to start your married life. The wedding coordinator who is really experienced can make your day exactly in the way you want it to be. It is not so easy for planning the wedding and getting it done in the way you want. Enjoying your special day on the lap of the ocean waves can be something awesome. Most of the couples have that in their dreams and such kind of resort can make the things work out in the way you want it to be.

    Shandrani Resort and Spa
    This is the peninsula that looks gorgeous and owned by a private management which is there alongside Blue bay Marine Park. This is the place which has got three awesome beaches to offer you so that you can choose one for your wedding day. This is such a place where you can find only a single wedding in a day. Getting married in this place can be really awesome as you get pampered like anything on your special day. This private peninsula offers you with classic as well as luxury package for wedding. The luxury package is all about pampering which include the massages, dinner in the private location and so many such things which can make the couple feel awesome and happy.

    Eureka House
    This is a handsome mansion that can be a perfect location for getting married. If you are visiting Mauritius otherwise also you should see this place. This is the place which can offer you with a very unique wedding in Mauritius. This mansion is locations along river Moka which can provide with an exciting alternative for the standard form of beach side marriages. The gardens of this mansion have got palm trees, mangoes, camellias etc which can set the environment. You can plan the wedding as your wish and get married in this location. If you are willing then you can even stay in the guesthouse of this wedding.

    a glimpse of history staying in a guesthouse on the grounds of the magnificent estate in Mauritius


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