Malca-Amit shipping services

Malca-Amit Private Delivery Services


Malca-Amit specializes in private delivery services around the globe. Their services include.

  1. Private delivery of expensive watches.
  2. Private delivery of jewelries, art and any other valuable items and documents.
  3. Vault services around the world for cash, watches, jewelry.
  4. Private and secure cash delivery around the globe.
  5. Below, see sample of secure envelope provided by Malca-Amit. If the envelope is OPEN or DAMAGED, do NOT accept the package. It needs to be sealed throughout.
  6. In case Malca-Amit used DHL, FedEx or other 3rd party delivery service, the sealed envelope will be placed in the courier’s box or enveloper. Again, when received, the Malca Amit envelope MUST BE sealed and not altered.
Malca-Amit secure shipment of valuable goods and currency
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