Wyoming Privacy - Annual LLC Report

How to file Wyoming Annual Report


The Wyoming Annual Report for any company is due by date it was filed. For example, if you formed your company on 15 August 2021, your annual report will be due by 15 August 2022, next year. Then going forward, will be on the 15th of August each year. If your business uses an agent to maintain the company, then no action is required on your part because you’re most likely enrolled in an Annual Report renewal service. Check with your Wyoming registered agent.

The charge for the annual report is usually around $150 per year, depending on the agent’s fees. By having a registration agent, you can relax knowing your Annual Report will be submitted correctly and on time.

These state reports go onto the permanent public record. Agents usually practice Privacy by Default as a company and the Annual Report renewal service will help protect your privacy.

Here’s how it will be submitted in most cases:

  1. The Annual Report will list the registered agent contact information instead of yours.
  2. The report will include only the minimum information the state requires.
  3. The state will see and record the agent IP address instead of yours — minimizing the connection between your cell phone, home computers, and office computers — making it harder for data aggregators to follow you.
  4. The state will have the Wyoming register agent bank account and credit card information — not yours.

We believe privacy is a basic human right. That’s why Privacy by Default is the guiding principle for any company to manage properly and avoid unnecessary harassment. As always, check with your lawyers and registration agents on how to properly file your annual LLC report.

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