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How to unlock T-Mobile iPhone

    Last updated on January 12th, 2021 at 09:04 am

    1. When you buy new or used iphone (or any other device) locked with T-mobile, you need to check the IMEI number with T-mobile first. You can check IMEI on the t-mobile website.
    2. It is always better to call customer service and make sure they check the IMEI on their end confirm that you can unlock.
    3. If the IMEI number is clean (after you call a representative), you can buy the iphone.
    4. When you receive the iphone, insert the t-mobile SIM card and let is work for at least 24 yours.
    5. Then call 1-877-453-1304
    6. Ask the rep to unlock your iphone. They will ask you several questions and you will need to provide the IMEI and your email address where the unlock instructions will be sent.
    7. ISSUE 1: IMEI is not yet registered on the T-mobile network. This may happen even if you have the phone on for several days.
    8. ISSUE 2: if the phone is not whitelisted. You will receive the following email:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM Unlock Request. Unfortunately, this subscriber is not eligible to receive the unlock code at this time. In order to be eligible, the device must show at least one day of usage 40 days or more prior to the date of this request. Please submit a new request after this requirement has been met.

    7. The, best option is to “reset the network settings” and wait another 24 hours, then call T-mobile customer service again.

    8. Even after resetting, the customer service team will not be willing to unlock if the IMEI phone is locked to the “40 day wait rule”. They stick to the 40 day wait rule if the system blocks the unlock request.

    9. You must insist and ask to talk to a supervise to override this rule as this applies to “postpaid” accounts only, as stated in the T-mobile unlock device page. It is clearly noted that it applies to “Postpaid accounts only“. Just keep calling until you reach a nice rep that wants to help you. T-mobile DO have amazing reps, so keep trying.

    10. Once you get to a nice representative, they will tell that It needs to go leadership team and special engineer team. It MUST be WHITE LISTED so it can be overridden and unlocked. They may ask for your email so that the request to be processed once it is whitelisted. Most likely, they will ask for you call back number so the rep can call back once the “whitelist” the handset. After several hours wait, during that time the T-mobile team is whitelisting the handset, the representative will call back to confirm that it has been whitelisted and request to unlock the iphone has been submitted. After that call, you may NOT receive the confirmation email from t-mobile about unlocking your phone. It will be automatically unlocked.

    11. SUCCESS! Wait minimum 24 hours, insert a non T-mobile SIM Card and the iphone mobile phone will be UNLOCKED!



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