t-mobile shared short code rules 2021

SMS short code deliverability T-Mobile


With T-Mobile’s huge announcement regarding the future of shared shortcodes, as well as the recent CTIA guideline changes and what they mean for SMS marketing providers SMS messaging solutions. Here’s the gist of it.

“Effective immediately no new shared short codes are allowed to be on-boarded. All existing shared short-codes will be required to migrate at a future date to dedicated application address (Shortcode, 10DLC or Toll-Free). Future termination of shared codes will not take place until commercial availability of 10DLC A2P Messaging. Formal communication with appropriate advance notice will be provided.”

A2P 10DLC fees update
Effective January 1 2021, US Supplier pass thru fees are changing. These changes will affect A2P 10DLC messaging. This has resulted in an update to US Supplier Fee

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