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Track Amazon Packages and Orders Fulfilled by Amazon Warehouses

    Last updated on October 5th, 2022 at 08:58 am

    1. In case you bought something from Amazon or any other online store, you may have received a tracking similar to this one: TBA378907543247 (we changed the digits for security reasons). It is shipped from Amazon Warehouse and delivered via Amazon!
    2. Amazon tracking starts with TBA letters, the followed by 12 digits.
    3. These are orders bought directly from or online businesses using Amazon fulfillment (FBA).
    4. Amazon tracking is track-able ONLY on their website, via “track package“.
    5. Can not be tracked by any other app, including Narvar tracking via SMS. Tracking on other online services is NEVER updated, even when delivered, just stays at status “Awaiting carrier pickup”.
    Amazon narvar order tracking

    Should we use Amazon delivery?

    • Amazon delivery is fast.
    • It takes on average 2 days.
    • It is secured and guaranteed if stolen, broken or lost.
    • Amazon Delivery team may break, throw or neglect your package. They are just in a huge hurry to deliver as many packages as possible. Sometimes, they even throw the packages as football.
    • Packaging is excessive or using bigger boxes than need extra packing (environmental issues and using lots of paper).
    • It’s expensive for the amazon sellers.
    • Amazon sellers sometimes does not have enough information on when the package will be dispatched.
    Amazon shipping tracking

    Update on Tracking info using Amazon shipping and tracked by other service, updated 4 days later!

    1. Order was delivered on Friday the 30th.
    2. Narvar app sent 2 SMS notifications on Oct 3rd – stating the package will be delivered tomorrow (it was delivered).
    3. Then, another SMS alert on Oct 4th stating it was delivered. This is 4 days later, SMS alerts for delivery status.
    4. Conclusion: no other app can track Amazon shipping tracking.

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