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Excel Formula Shortcuts

    Last updated on October 18th, 2022 at 08:12 am

    1. Save: Alt + Shift + F2
    2. Length of cell: =LEN(B5)
    3. Sum of cells: =SUM(C8:C11)
    4. Add character, beginning or end of text: =”(“& A2 &”)”

    5. Add character in middle of text: =LEFT(A47,1) & “-” & MID(A47,2,100)

    • LEFT(A47,1) = “1” means that the new text, in our example “-“, will be added after the first character.
    • MID(A47,2,100) = “2” represents from what position in the text, to add the rest of characters. “100” means the limit of characters to add.


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