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Hyatt Vienna Hotel Review – A Detailed Guide!

    Last updated on December 9th, 2023 at 06:50 pm

    The Park Hyatt Vienna, situated in the Goldenes Quartier and overlooking Am Hof Square, is a premium and luxury hotel! This hotel offers an exceptional blend of modern luxury and historical elegance. Here’s an in-depth review of Park Hyatt Vienna covering various aspects of the hotel.

    park hyatt vienna hotel review

    Whether you’re a seasoned traveler seeking luxury accommodation or a curious adventurer planning your next escape, this article is for you. In this detailed analysis, we aim to provide an insightful glimpse into the Hyatt Vienna experience. Just read on.

    Central Location:

    Located in the Innere Stadt district, also known as the old town of Vienna, the hotel offers easy access to major attractions—less than 10 minutes from St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace​.

    Proximity to Christmas Markets:

    The hotel is conveniently located for visiting Vienna’s famous Christmas markets, with one right outside the hotel and others within easy walking distance​. One of the Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkt Wien) is right in front of the hotel. You may have some of the delicious Austrian Käsekrainer sausage and sweets.

    The entrance hall of the Hyatt Vienna is as visually striking as the hotel’s exterior. It showcases a harmonious mix of historical elegance and contemporary design, with the reception and concierge desks positioned to the left upon entry. The interior decor is accentuated with art nouveau features, particularly the prominent wall art situated behind the reception desk.

    park hyatt vienna lobby reception

    The artwork displayed is an expanded replica of the original art nouveau brooches created by Carl Otto Czeschka. These pieces are exhibited at the MAK museum and are a recurring decorative element in every room of the hotel. After completing the check-in process at reception, guests make their way to the mezzanine level and towards the grand staircase.

    The entrance area of the Park Hyatt Vienna is famous for its breathtaking elegance and sophisticated style, mirroring the hotel’s lavish charm. Upon entering, the welcoming desk and guest services are situated to your left, complemented by the grandeur of the hotel’s exterior. The design seamlessly merges contemporary flair with art nouveau touches, resulting in an eye-catching and artistic environment.

    park hyatt vienna lobby view

    A prominent illustration of this fusion is the sizable mural behind the check-in counter, an expanded replica of original art nouveau brooches crafted by Carl Otto Czeschka, currently exhibited at the MAK museum and showcased in every hotel room.

    Following registration, visitors ascend to the mezzanine level and subsequently approach the majestic staircase on the right. A significant architectural highlight is the central glass elevator within the staircase, offering accessibility to the hotel’s various levels.

    Rooms and Amenities

    park hyatt vienna room
    • King Bed Room Quality: The standard king bedrooms are spacious and well-appointed, featuring a balance of classic and modern decor. Despite facing a busy street, the rooms are well-insulated against noise.​
    • Room Details: Rooms include amenities such as a minibar, Nespresso coffee maker, and a large, well-lit bathroom with high-quality toiletries. Some minor wear and tear were noted but did not detract from the overall experience.​
    • Room Sizes and Features: The hotel features 146 spacious guestrooms, including 43 suites, ranging from 35 sq m to 170 sq m. Rooms include allergy-free rooms, blackout curtains, air conditioning, walk-in showers, soundproofing, and more​​.
    • Unique Layout: Rooms have a unique layout with large beds as the centerpiece, chaise longues, large desks, electronic controls for curtains and lights, and bathrooms that connect to bedroom​​s.
    • Bathroom Design: Bathrooms are notably large, with dual sinks, a large bathtub, and premium toiletries​.
    • Hallways: The Park Hyatt Vienna hallways exude elegance and security, with keycard-accessed doors, impeccably maintained spaces, and tastefully placed chairs enhancing the serene ambiance.
    Park Hyatt Hotel Vienna – Hallway and Walk-In Closet

    Dining and Facilities

    Pool and Gym:

    The indoor pool in the former bank vault was noted to be unheated during winter. The gym is spacious and well-equipped​.

    Restaurant and Bar:

    The Brasserie, the hotel’s restaurant, features an open kitchen and elegant decor reminiscent of the building’s history as a bank. The Bank bar, located adjacent to the Brasserie, offers a unique ambiance​.


    The Park Hyatt Vienna offers a delightful culinary start to the day, hosted in the magnificently transformed original banking hall, now known as the Bank Brasserie and Bar. The space is embellished with its original marble and exquisite stained glass windows, creating a setting that is both historical and refined. The breakfast selection features an extensive buffet with various choices, including a make-your-own muesli/yogurt station and a smaller hot buffet with classic English breakfast items.

    Brut or Rose Champagne at Hyatt Vienna

    The Bank Bar in Hyatt Vienna

    The Bank Bar at Park Hyatt Vienna dazzles with its exceptional service, a spectacular setting in a classic bank hall, and a culinary experience that remains etched in memory, offering a blend of outstanding dishes and an impressive wine collection in an awe-inspiring ambiance.

    Absolute stunning signature cocktails! A must-have, not only one but several…

    The Bank bar in Hyatt Vienna - signature cocktails

    Elite Recognition and Breakfast

    • Elite Benefits: Elite status recognition was reported as low, lacking information about benefits such as complimentary breakfast. However, some personalized gestures like fruit, chocolate, and notes from the manager were appreciated​.
    • Breakfast Quality: The breakfast at the Brasserie includes various options, focusing on Austrian and Central European selections. The food quality received high praise, though the service during breakfast was noted as weak.​

    Booking Costs and Category

    Park Hyatt Vienna Luxury Hotel booking

    Hyatt Category Change:

    Initially a Category 6 in the World of Hyatt program, the hotel moved up to Category 7, affecting the points required for booking. Standard rooms range from 25,000 points off-peak to 35,000 points peak. Premium suites range from 70,000 to 90,000 points.​

    Price Range

    Rooms typically cost north of $550 per night, with rates over $750 per night​. Check pricing details here.

    Service Experience:

    The check-in experience highlighted some service issues, including a lack of recognition of elite status and benefits and a missed promise of notifying when the room was ready​.

    Booking and Rewards

    • Points and Cash Options: The hotel is a Category Six Hyatt property, offering award stays for 25,000 points/night or 12,500 points plus $125. Globalist members receive four confirmed suite upgrades annually, which can be applied on a space-available basis​.

    Ambassador Suite Experience

    • Impressive Suite: Guests have reported being pleasantly surprised by the opulent and spacious suites, particularly the Ambassador Suite, described as an impressive upgrade​.
    • Convenient Facilities: Suites have convenient amenities such as a mini-bar, espresso machine, and a half bathroom right off the entrance​.

    Spa Sauna

    park hyatt vienna spa sauna
    • Arany Spa: The Arany Spa offers a sauna, steam bath, ice bath, and a large relaxation area, providing a tranquil environment for relaxation and rejuvenation​.
    • Pool and Fitness Center: The hotel boasts a stunning indoor pool and a well-equipped fitness center, albeit small, providing enough equipment for a complete workout​​.
    • Relax Zone: The relaxed zone in the spa center at the Park Hyatt Vienna, part of the Arany Spa, offers a tranquil retreat with its unique atmosphere, extraordinary décor, and high-quality offerings. The spa is a sanctuary that includes a variety of treatments, such as aromatherapy, massage, facials, and body treatments. Additionally, the spa features a 49-foot swimming pool, sauna, aroma steam room, vitality showers, and relaxation areas​​. This, combined with the spa’s classy and cool ambiance, set in the former vault of a bank, complete with the original vault door, makes for an undeniably unique and serene spa experience​​. The spa lobby includes seating areas for relaxation, adding to the overall peaceful and luxurious environment. Also, the spa offers some snacks and organic water to hydrate after the sauna or steam room.

    Hyatt Vienna’s Spa Swimming Pool

    The Park Hyatt Vienna’s swimming pool, nestled within the Arany Spa, is a remarkable highlight of the establishment. Housed in what was once the vault of an old bank building, the pool’s size is impressively large, especially given the structural limitations.

    Additionally, one wall of the pool area is adorned with a design inspired by the building’s exterior, enhancing its distinct allure. The entire space radiates sophistication and tranquility, featuring multiple serene lounging spots situated just below the level of the spa reception and slightly beneath the pool itself.

    park hyatt vienna spa swimming pool

    The pool, along with the breakfast, has been described as a memorable highlight for families, particularly in combination with the hotel’s luxurious rooms and other amenities. The pool’s inclusion as part of the hotel’s spa area, along with a well-equipped gym, adds to the overall appeal of the hotel for both leisure and business travelers.

    Furthermore, the swimming pool, along with the Arany Spa facilities, has been commended for its extraordinary quality, contributing to the hotel’s reputation as one of the most beautiful locations in the world​​​​​​​.

    Overall, the swimming pool at Park Hyatt Vienna stands out not only for its unique location and design but also for the quality of experience it offers to guests, making it a highlight of their stay.

    Spa Steam Bath Facility

    The Arany Spa at Park Hyatt Vienna offers a lavish spa experience with a standout steam bath, alongside amenities like a large swimming pool, sauna, vitality showers, relaxation zones, six exclusive spa suites, and modern fitness equipment, ensuring a well-rounded wellness journey for guests.

    park hyatt vienna spa steam bath

    The aroma steam room at the Arany Spa is part of a larger wet area that provides a tranquil and rejuvenating environment. This setting allows guests to immerse themselves in an oasis of relaxation, contributing to the overall soothing and luxurious experience of the spa.

    Checkout this great video of Park Hyatt Vienna

    Overall Impression

    • Willingness to Return: Despite some service issues, the reviewer was willing to return due to the hotel’s excellent location and room quality. The increase in category for award redemption was noted as a negative aspect.​


    Where is Park Hyatt Vienna located?

    Park Hyatt Vienna is located in the Innere Stadt district, also known as the old town of Vienna, close to key attractions like St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace.

    What types of rooms are available at Park Hyatt Vienna?

    The hotel offers a range of accommodations, from standard rooms to luxurious suites. The rooms are known for their spacious layouts, modern amenities, and elegant decor.

    Are there dining options at Park Hyatt Vienna?

    The hotel features The Bank Brasserie & Bar, offering fine dining focusing on local and international cuisines. There’s also a café and a bar, providing various culinary experiences.

    Does Park Hyatt Vienna have a fitness center and spa?

    Yes, the hotel boasts the Arany Spa, which includes a sauna, steam bath, and relaxation area. There’s also a well-equipped fitness center and an indoor pool.

    Can I earn or redeem points for my stay at Park Hyatt Vienna?

    Yes, guests can earn and redeem points for their stay as a part of the World of Hyatt program. The hotel is a Category 7 property in the Hyatt program.

    What are the check-in and check-out times at Park Hyatt Vienna?

    The standard check-in time is 3:00 PM, and check-out is at 12:00 PM. However, the times can be flexible based on availability and prior arrangements.

    Is Park Hyatt Vienna suitable for business events?

    Absolutely. The hotel offers various meeting rooms and a grand salon equipped with modern amenities for conferences, meetings, and private events.

    How far is Hyatt Vienna from the airport?

    This is approximately 20 minutes by taxi from Vienna International Airport, with an average cost of around 60 euros. It is best to take Uber, if you are 2 or more people. It will cost approximately 35 euros. If you take the train, then you will need to take Uber or Taxi again, and it will be more expensive.

    Is Parking available?

    Yes, parking is available. It is underground parking, located underneath the park in front of the hotel. Still, you don’t need to go outside. Just take the stairs in the hotel one floor down.

    Does the hotel accommodate special requests like cribs or additional beds?

    The hotel accommodates special requests, including infant cribs, subject to availability. It’s advisable to make such requests in advance.

    Are pets allowed at Park Hyatt Vienna?

    Yes, Park Hyatt Vienna is pet-friendly, offering services and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for your pets.


    The Park Hyatt Vienna is steeped in rich history, originally serving as the headquarters of the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy Bank. This imposing building, constructed from 1913 to 1915, stands as a testament to Vienna’s storied past.

    As a monumentally protected building, its renovation by Neumann & Partners was a meticulous process, transforming the grandeur of a former bank into an elegant hotel while preserving its historical essence.

    The building’s remarkable transformation includes converting spaces where bank officials once worked into a Bank restaurant with free-flow cuisine and setting the spa center, Arany, in the former bank vault.

    This spa center links the hotel’s contemporary luxury with its banking heritage, with features like a 15-meter swimming pool giving the illusion of floating above golden bars. Located in Vienna’s Goldenes Quartier and on the Am Hof square, the hotel forms part of Vienna’s First District, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    This historical background enhances the Park Hyatt’s allure, making it not just a place of accommodation but a piece of living history​.

    Building was a vault in the past, Hyatt Vienna

    Closing Words about Hyatt!

    Overall, the Park Hyatt Vienna stands out for its excellent location, luxurious rooms, and unique dining experiences. While some service aspects received mixed reviews, the overall impression of the hotel remains positive, making it a desirable option for visitors to Vienna. Vienna is so beautiful during Christmas, and it is a must-visit city.

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