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How to contact iTunes, direct phone numbers of iTunes

    Last updated on December 2nd, 2020 at 11:31 am

    It is difficult to access the iTunes team directly, in case you have issues with your iTunes account. Issues such as:

    1. iTunes account has been disabled.
    2. Account has been blocked.

    These are the steps to follow in order to unblock your account.

    1. Need to call this number in the USA (800) MY–APPLE (800–692–7753) or 00-800-600-27753 in Europe and UK.
    2. Press 1 then press 4 to select no music while you wait on hold (this is the fastest way to get connect).
    3. Wait for an associate to connect.
    4. Then explain that the issue is about iTunes. Tell them directly that, to save time, that you have an issue with iTunes.
    5. After the apple rep ask you about account name and iTunes email, they will transfer you to the iTunes team.
    6. You will be provided with a case name, example: Case # 10125272XXXX to give to the next apple representative.
    7. IMPORTANT: iTunes team DOES NOT have direct line, so make sure you have good connection and wait the call to be picked up by the iTunes team. Usually it takes about 2-10 minutes to be transferred, depending on the day and time you are calling.
    8. After connecting with iTunes team they will ask for your login email.
    9. Then, they will send a confirmation message, you must click on the “confirm” pop-up.
    10. If you have disputed a credit card, this might be the main reason why the account is disabled. You will need to add your old or new credit/debit card in order to re-activate the iTunes access. You can add the OLD credit card without any issues. Apple does not block cards that have disputed charges on them.
    11. NOTE: if you are not recognizing a charge for apps, it is recommended you call iTunes team first so they can remove it. And they will remove it in most cases. In case you dispute the charge, the account will be disabled.

    Total time spent to fix disabled iTunes account (on average): 20 minutes.

    Below, you can review the STEPS 1 to 3 in images, outlining the process:

    1. you have no access to the app store, because your itunes account is disabled,
    2. Adding the credit card.
    3. Confirming you are the legit account holder.
    How to add credit card to itunes
    Apple representative sending confirmation message to confirm account.


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