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Vienna During Christmas: Your Ultimate 2023 Guide!

    Want to visit Vienna during Christmas? Vienna, a city draped in imperial elegance and artistic legacy, takes on an ethereal glow during Christmas. As the 2023 festive season approaches Vienna, the air in the city is infused with the festive spirit, and the streets come alive with twinkling lights and the sweet melodies of classic carols. As the holiday season approaches, Vienna transforms into a winter wonderland, casting a magical spell on locals and visitors alike.

    If you want to make sure your holiday visit is enchanting, this article is for you. From traditional markets and grand palaces adorned with seasonal decorations to the rich cultural experiences that define this Austrian capital, we’ll unravel the tapestry of festive delights awaiting you in every corner of this imperial city.

    So, bundle up warmly, sip on some hot cocoa, and get ready to embark on a journey through the heart of Vienna’s yuletide magic. This is your comprehensive handbook for experiencing the best of Vienna during the most wonderful time of the year!

    Guide in Vienna During Christmas

    Exploring Vienna’s Christmas Markets

    A hallmark of Viennese Christmas, the markets (Christkindlmärkte) are a tapestry of lights, sounds, and scents. Here’s where you should mark your map:

    • Rathausplatz Christmas Market: Beyond its iconic Christmas tree, this market is a kaleidoscope of over 150 stalls offering everything from handcrafted gifts to seasonal delicacies. The City Hall provides a fairy-tale backdrop, especially captivating for families with its dedicated ‘Children’s World.’ It is the largest and one of the best Christmas markets – Weihnachtsmarkt in Vienna. It is a MUST-go place. View the Vienna Christmas Markets Rathausplatz Walking Tour video.
    • Schonbrunn Palace Market: For a regal twist, this market offers a blend of traditional Austrian crafts and contemporary gifts. The backdrop of Schönbrunn Palace adds a touch of imperial grandeur to your shopping experience.
    • Spittelberg Christmas Market: Tucked in the charming alleys of the Biedermeier quarter, this market is a treasure trove for those seeking unique artisanal crafts. It’s a delightful fusion of old-world charm and artistic flair.
    Rathausplatz Christmas markets - Weihnachtsmarkt in Vienna

    Immersive Winter Activities

    Vienna’s Christmas spirit goes beyond markets:

    • Ice Skating at Rathausplatz: Glide over ice surrounded by stunning architecture. It’s not just a sport; it’s an experience enriched by the vibrancy of Vienna.
    • Festive Concerts: Vienna’s musical heritage shines in its Christmas concerts. Venues like the Musikverein and the Konzerthaus host performances that range from classical to modern Christmas melodies.
    • Museums and Art Galleries: Many of Vienna’s world-renowned museums and galleries curate special exhibitions for the holiday season, offering a cultural feast for art enthusiasts.

    Culinary Delights and Shopping

    • Christmas Delicacies: Your taste buds are in for a holiday treat with Vienna’s Christmas cuisine. Must-try items include the warm Punsch, Weihnachtskekse (Christmas cookies), and the delectable Viennese Strudel.
    • Holiday Shopping: Vienna’s shopping avenues, from Mariahilfer Straße to the Graben, are festooned with lights and decorations, offering everything from high-fashion to bespoke handicrafts.

    Embracing Tradition

    • Midnight Mass at St. Stephen’s Cathedral: A spiritually uplifting experience, the Midnight Mass is a quintessential part of Vienna’s Christmas. It’s a confluence of solemnity and celebration.
    • Viennese Christmas Workshops: Participate in local workshops to learn how to make traditional Austrian Christmas crafts and treats.

    Travel Tips

    • Accommodation: Opt for central locations to stay close to most attractions. Vienna’s 1st district is ideal, but neighboring districts offer charming alternatives.
    • Weather Preparedness: Vienna’s winters are cold. Layer up with thermal wear, and don’t forget comfortable walking boots for those long market strolls.
    • Transport: Vienna’s public transport is efficient and user-friendly. Invest in a Vienna Card for unlimited travel and discounts at various attractions.

    Experiencing Vienna’s Spiritual Essence

    Christmas in Vienna is not just about the festive hustle and bustle; it’s a time to connect with the city’s spiritual and historical roots.

    Churches and Cathedrals

    • St. Stephen’s Cathedral: Beyond the Midnight Mass, this iconic cathedral hosts several concerts and events throughout the season. Its Gothic architecture adds a profound sense of awe to the festive celebrations.
    • Karlskirche: This Baroque church often features live nativity scenes and hosts classical music concerts, combining spiritual reverence with cultural richness.
    St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church in Vienna

    Exploring Vienna’s Palaces in Winter

    • Belvedere Palace: The palace grounds are transformed into a picturesque winter scene, with Baroque architecture set against snow-covered gardens.
    • Hofburg Palace: The former imperial palace houses several museums and hosts special exhibitions during the Christmas season, offering a glimpse into Vienna’s royal past.

    Dining in Vienna

    It’s the busiest time for restaurants, not only in Vienna but everywhere. For most restaurants, make the reservations at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Here’s a list of some of the best places for dining in Vienna as of 2023, providing a diverse range of dining experiences:

    1. Miznon: Known for Mediterranean street food, it offers a vibrant setting and is located near Stephensplatz.
    2. Lugeck: Offers contemporary Austrian cuisine and is known for traditional dishes like Wiener schnitzel and Tafelspitz.
    3. Zur Eisernen Zeit: A family-run establishment known for signature goulash and traditional Austrian dishes, located in the bustling Naschmarkt.
    4. Gerstner K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker: A historic coffee house setting opposite the Vienna State Opera, offering traditional Viennese dishes and desserts.
    5. Adlerhof Café, Bistro & Bar: Stylish eatery with photogenic interiors and a modern brunch menu, including vegetarian and vegan options.
    6. Brasserie Palmenhaus: Set in a greenhouse near Hofburg and the Albertina Museum, it offers traditional Schnitzel and has outdoor seating.
    7. Schweizerhaus: Located in Prater amusement park, it’s known for Stelze (roast pork on the bone) and has a large beer selection.
    8. Zum Weißen Rauchfangkehrer: A fine dining restaurant known for deer dishes and Austrian wines, located centrally.
    9. Plachutta Wollzeile: Known for the original Tafelspitz, it offers a sophisticated dining experience with an attentive staff. Plachutta Wollzeile in Vienna is an iconic restaurant renowned for its Tafelspitz, a traditional Austrian beef in broth dish. The restaurant’s sophisticated interiors and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal spot for a memorable dining experience in the city center. If you have a reservation, you need to be prompt. The staff will not seat you if you arrive earlier. They turn tables 3-4 times at night :). It’s a super delicious thought, and the wait is worth it. During November and December, make the reservation at least a month before.
    10. Salm Bräu: A traditional brewery near the Belvedere Palace, known for ribs, pork knuckle, and in-house brewed beer​
    11. Mraz und Sohn: A family-run Viennese restaurant offering finely coordinated courses and known for its relaxed, unsophisticated fine dining.
    12. Pramerl & the Wolf: A Michelin-starred restaurant with a modern take on traditional Beisl, offering a taster menu.
    13. Café Kandl: Features sophisticated dishes with regional and seasonal ingredients, popular with Vienna’s young creative types.
    14. Thell: A decades-old favorite in the 5th district, offering elegant takes on traditional dishes like Tafelspitz and strawberry nougat dumplings.
    15. Bruder: Known for Viennese cuisine with a twist, focusing on fermentation and unusual flavors.
    16. Mochi: A beloved Japanese fusion restaurant specializing in sushi and sashimi.
    17. Erich: A subterranean bar-slash restaurant offering modern takes on Austrian classics and great coffee.
    18. O Boufes: Offers small plates and natural wines, featuring an industrial-chic bistro setting.
    19. Pizza Randale: Known for its creative pizzas and laid-back vibe.
    20. Café Phil: A unique combination of a bookshop, bar, and breakfast spot, offering a variety of dishes and a vibrant atmosphere​
    21. 1516 Brewing Company: The 1516 Brewing Company in Vienna is a popular brewpub known for its in-house brewed beers and a diverse range of food offerings. Operating for over 20 years, it has built a reputation for its unique brewing process that uses various types of malts, including caramelized, roasted, and even smoked malts, to give its beers distinct aromas, robust body, and distinctive color. The brewing process, visible behind the bar, involves milling the malt to produce grist, mashing to break down starch into sugars, and boiling with hops for flavor​​​. This brewpub offers a variety of cuisines, including German, Austrian, European, and International dishes, with particular acclaim for its burgers and ribs. The ambiance of the place reflects a traditional pub atmosphere, catering to both local and international tastes. It’s equipped with facilities like outdoor seating, television, and free wifi and is known for its accommodating service, including table service and accepting credit cards.​
    22. Fabio’s Restaurant: Fabio’s Restaurant in Vienna offers a harmonious blend of authentic Italian cuisine within an elegant and friendly ambiance. Celebrating honest creation of special moments, the restaurant focuses on delivering authentic Italian food among good company. The menu features a variety of Italian, Mediterranean, European, and International dishes, catering to diverse tastes, including vegetarian-friendly options.
    23. Café Landtmann: Café Landtmann, an iconic Viennese coffee house established in 1873, is renowned for its elegant ambiance and historical significance, having been frequented by famous personalities like Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler. Located in the heart of Vienna, it offers a traditional Viennese café experience, complete with exquisite pastries and a refined atmosphere.
    24. Figlmüller: The best schnitzel in the world! Located in Innere Stadt, it’s renowned for the original Schnitzel and is accompanied by a creamy potato salad. Figlmüller in Vienna, renowned as the home of the original Schnitzel, offers an iconic dining experience in the heart of Innere Stadt. This historic restaurant is celebrated for serving its exceptionally thin and crispy Schnitzel, accompanied by a creamy potato salad, in an elegant ambiance that often requires reservations.​
    Figlmüller: The best schnitzel in the world


    Shopping for Christmas Presents

    Vienna is the home to most top brands and boutiques. Brands such as Cartier, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Dior, Channel, Hermes, Moncler, Montblanc, etc. are all located in the center city, inner city.

    There are usually lines for most of the boutiqes to get in on Saturday. Avoid going there on Saturdays if possible. On Sundays, ALL SHOPS ARE CLOSED. Better spend your Saturdays at the Christmas markets or some of the great restaurants in Vienna.

    Alternative shopping for not-so-expensive presents is available too. Shopping for Christmas presents in Vienna is a delightful experience, offering a mix of traditional and unique gifts. Here are some tips and ideas for your shopping guide:

    1. Glass Art by Lobmeyr: For those appreciating high-end glassware, Lobmeyr offers mouth-blown and hand-cut glasses with designs by renowned artists. It’s a great place to find elegant stemware services and flower vases.

    2. Elegant Silver from the Vienna Silver Factory: This factory produces designs from the Wiener Werkstätte, including Hoffmann silverware and contemporary pieces like vases designed by Zaha Hadid, making it a perfect spot for luxurious and artistic gifts.

    3. Augarten Porcelain: Known as one of the oldest porcelain manufactories, Augarten’s hand-made and painted porcelain, such as the famous melon service by Josef Hoffmann, are quintessential Viennese gifts.

    4. Sisi Stars” by Köchert: Inspired by Empress Elisabeth’s diamond stars, Köchert jewelers offer an exclusive edition of these stars as brooches, pendants, or hairpins. More affordable options adorned with Swarovski crystals are available, perfect for those seeking a touch of imperial elegance.

    5. Original Vienna Snow Globes: These charming snow globes, with themes like the Giant Ferris Wheel and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, are iconic Viennese gifts. Look for special editions and standard designs in various sizes.

    6. Viennese Delicacies in Miniature by Altmann & Kühne: Specializing in “Liliput confectionery,” this confectionery offers hand-made delicacies in beautifully designed containers. Their Christmas-themed boxes are especially popular.

    7. Vienna Christmas Markets: For a wide range of gifts, explore the Christmas markets. Items like candles, fashion accessories, arts, and crafts, and traditional decorations can be found here. The Karlsplatz market is notable for its unique handcrafted art and gifts, with all stallholders required to make their own products.

    Remember, while markets offer unique and handcrafted items, department stores can be a good choice for stocking up on basic, mass-produced traditional Austrian-style decorations at a lower price.

    This guide should help you navigate the rich variety of shopping options available in Vienna during the Christmas season, ensuring you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

    Vienna During Christmas Offers Family-Friendly Activities

    Christmas in Vienna is a delight for visitors of all ages. Families traveling with children will find a plethora of activities to enjoy:

    • Viennese Marionette Theater: Offering special Christmas performances, this is a magical experience for children and adults alike.
    • Tiergarten Schonbrunn: The world’s oldest zoo is open year-round and is particularly enchanting during the winter months with its festive decorations.
    • Christmas Workshops for Children: Many markets and cultural centers offer workshops where children can create their own Christmas crafts, learning about Austrian traditions in a fun, interactive way.

    A Celebration of All Senses

    Christmas in Vienna is an assault on the senses in the best possible way:

    • Sight: The city is adorned with lights and decorations, from the grandeur of the Ringstraße to the quaint cobbled lanes of its historic districts.
    • Sound: Street musicians and choirs fill the air with melodies, from classical to Christmas carols, creating a soundtrack to your Vienna adventure.
    • Taste: The flavors of Christmas – from Glühwein to Schnitzel – offer a culinary journey through Austrian holiday traditions.
    • Smell: The aroma of roasted chestnuts, freshly baked goods, and spiced drinks waft through the streets, adding to the festive atmosphere.
    • Touch: The cold nip in the air, the warmth of a Punsch in your hands, and the textures of artisan crafts provide a tactile dimension to your experience.

    Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

    As you explore Vienna, consider embracing sustainable and responsible tourism practices. Use public transport, support local artisans and producers, and be mindful of your environmental impact to help preserve Vienna’s beauty for future generations.

    For those seeking an opulent retreat amidst the festive cheer of Vienna, a stay at the Park Hyatt Vienna becomes an essential part of the experience. Consider reading a comprehensive Park Hyatt Vienna review. This review delves into every aspect of the hotel, from its architectural beauty to its world-class amenities, helping potential visitors understand why the Park Hyatt is synonymous with luxury in Vienna.

    Vienna During Christmas

    Checkout this great video about Vienna during Christmas time


    Vienna during Christmas is a symphony of festive joy, cultural richness, and culinary delights. Its markets, concerts, and historical sites offer a unique holiday experience. With this guide, embark on a journey through Vienna’s Christmas wonders and create memories that will last a lifetime.

    Whether it’s your first visit or a cherished tradition, Vienna in Christmas 2023 is set to be a celebration of all that makes the holiday season special.

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