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Home Can we ship products to Mexico and Canada, from Deliverr?

Can we ship products to Mexico and Canada, from Deliverr?

    ANSWER is NO (for the time being)

    Deliverr currently only offer our fulfillment services within the US. International options are on our roadmap and I’m happy to make a note of your interest for the future! 

    Looking for a reliable fulfillment company? We recommend deliverr because:

    1. Easy interface.
    2. Amazon customer support, compare to Amazon FBA, where in first 2-3 rounds you talk to AI chat robots.
    3. Constantly adds new services and coverage such as Wish, Google Shopping, Facebook Shops etc. [in addition to the great integration with WalMart]

    Still not OK:

    1. FBA deliveries to their warehouse takes months. It is totally normal, as it is new service, Covid 19 situation and the test shipment we did was in November (holiday season)

    2. Products will be available for sale almost one month and a half after the shipment date. It takes a while.

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