Can I get referral commission for already registered TransferWise account?


If you refer new business to sign up at TransferWise, but the new signups did not put your referral code, can you still get the referral commission?

Answer is YES!

Follow the steps below:

You can provide this link to the company: or this one: and they can add your invite link from there again. but please tell them to do this from the computer as this might not work from the mobile app

It is totally ok to add the referral after account has sign up, just follow the steps above. They just need to use the link provided and then add your invite link from there.

Ok, but the account is registered, so it’s totally ok, yes?

Can you change your referral link’s name, in case you don’t want your info to be visible.


For this message: John has given you a fee-free transfer of up to 600 USD

I need to have generic message:

TransferWise has given you a fee-free transfer of up to 600 USD

Answer: No, unfortunately we can’t change the name of the link.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for TransferWise account here. Disclaimer: both of us will receive FREE Transfers 🎁

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