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Amazon Seller Central FBA Inventory Reports

    Last updated on November 8th, 2023 at 10:58 am

    Below, we will provide info on most useful Amazon FBA Inventory reports. The info will provide quick reference on what exactly they provide and how they can help you better manage your inventory.

    1. Amazon Fulfilled Inventory – it shows only current sell-able items, excluding reserved, etc.

    2. Manage FBA Inventory – it shows ALL Amazon FBA inventory.

    Amazon Fulfilment Reports Manage FBA Inventory

    Available, Inbound, Reserved, Unfulfillable, Researching. This is the best Inventory report if you really need to know the exact quantity you hold at Amazon warehouses. Sample columns in the report, see below:





    afn-total-quantity – this is the MOST important number. This way, sellers know how much inventory they have at Amazon warehouses.

    Amazon Inventory Report on Hand Quantity

    3. FBA Inventory – it shows all available for sale at an earlier date. Amazon does snapshot, 4 days before the report is generated. It is not very accurate, but it gives you great insights of the available and aging inventory. Sample columns below:








    Also, provides info on the shipped items. This is great to plan more shipments to Amazon FBA warehouses. Sample columns below:





    More about Amazon Warehouses and Reports

    Amazon Fulfilled Inventory refers to products that are stored, managed, and shipped by Amazon on behalf of third-party sellers. When a seller opts for the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service, they send their inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where it is stored until a customer places an order.

    Once an order is received, Amazon takes care of picking, packing, and shipping the products to the customer. They also handle customer service and returns for these orders. This service allows sellers to leverage Amazon’s extensive fulfillment network, which includes numerous warehouses and distribution centers, to provide fast and reliable shipping to customers.

    By utilizing FBA, sellers can benefit from Amazon’s infrastructure, Prime eligibility, and customer trust. It also offers advantages such as access to Amazon’s customer base, improved visibility in search results, and streamlined logistics. In addition, FBA provides sellers with storage solutions for their inventory, allowing them to avoid the hassle of managing their own warehousing and fulfillment operations.

    In summary, Amazon Fulfilled Inventory refers to products stored and shipped by Amazon on behalf of third-party sellers through the FBA service, providing them with a convenient and efficient way to reach customers and manage their order fulfillment process.

    Other useful Amazon Sellers reports

    Amazon provides sellers with various reports related to their Fulfilled Inventory, including inventory level reports. These reports allow sellers to track and manage their inventory stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Here are a few key reports that sellers can access:

    1. Inventory Health Report: This report provides an overview of your inventory health, including the quantity of each product in stock, potential issues with stranded inventory or expired items, and recommendations for managing your inventory effectively.
    2. FBA Inventory Report: This report provides detailed information about the inventory you have stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. It includes data such as SKU, quantity on hand, fulfillment center location, and inbound shipment details. This report helps sellers monitor their inventory levels across different locations.
    3. FBA Reserved Inventory Report: This report shows the quantity of your inventory that has been reserved for upcoming orders. It includes information about reserved units for both customer orders and Amazon’s internal processes, such as Subscribe & Save subscriptions and Amazon programs like Prime Pantry.
    4. FBA Reimbursements Report: This report lists any reimbursements owed to sellers for lost or damaged inventory, discrepancies in received quantity, or other issues. It helps sellers track and reconcile any discrepancies in their Fulfilled Inventory.

    These reports can be accessed through the Amazon Seller Central portal. Sellers can generate and download these reports to review their inventory levels, identify any issues or discrepancies, and make informed decisions regarding their inventory management and replenishment strategies.

    It’s important for sellers to regularly monitor these reports to ensure they have accurate visibility into their Fulfilled Inventory levels and take appropriate actions to maintain optimal stock levels and meet customer demand.



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