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Trade Shows in Europe [2024]

    We hope everyone’s 2024 is off to a great start. As we embrace the new year, the landscape of trade shows in Europe presents an exciting and diverse range of opportunities for professionals across various industries. Whether you’re a business owner, a designer, an innovator, or simply an enthusiast of the latest trends, European trade shows offer unparalleled platforms for networking, learning, and inspiration.

    We will be exhibiting at 2 trade shows this January. First up is:

    Maison & Objet in Paris from 18th – 22 January.


    This prestigious Parisian trade show is a global showcase for excellence in design and lifestyle. Set in the romantic backdrop of Paris, Maison & Objet brings together the latest innovations in interior design, architecture, and lifestyle culture. It’s an event that attracts a diverse array of international designers, home decor experts, and lifestyle enthusiasts. With a rich display of unique and contemporary products, this show is a trendsetter in the design world, offering a vibrant platform for professionals to network, collaborate, and unveil new concepts.

    Next is:

    Ambiente in Frankfurt from 26th – 30th January.

    Ambiente in Frankfurt is recognized as one of the largest international trade fairs for consumer goods. This German expo is known for its vast and diverse range of products, covering everything from dining, cooking, household items, furnishings, and decor to gifts, interior design, and lifestyle accessories. It’s a key marketplace and an innovation hub where retailers, wholesalers, designers, and decorators from around the world gather to explore current trends, make new contacts, and do business. Ambiente provides a comprehensive overview of the global market and offers an essential platform for exhibitors and visitors alike to engage and connect.

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