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SEO AI Generated Content, Bad Idea

    I’ve been involved in some discussions of AI generated content on some forums, and I’m just amazed at the short-sightedness of people wanting to publish content written by a machine. The biggest disadvantage I see to publishing computer-generated spam is that if everyone’s doing it (which is what its proponents claim is the future), you lose an important competitive edge — the fact that your pages are written by a real person with a real opinion.

    I learned a long time ago — and I’ve been at this for 20 years now — that the long-term success belongs to people who put their users first. Take care of your users, and the future will take care of itself.

    How many people do you know, including yourself, would rather read a likely-inaccurate blog post generated by a machine than a well thought out post that’s been fact-checked and represents an actual person with an opinion?

    I know that’s not the content I’m hoping to read on the internet, and I don’t see much of a future in it.

    In fact, the longer you hang around in the industry, the more you see old ideas repackaged under new names. AI content is just spun content with an easier interface and a fancy new name. I stopped using article spinners over 10 years ago.



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