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Protect your business from card testing fraud

    Last updated on August 15th, 2023 at 08:47 am

    Card testing fraud is becoming more complex and harder to fight—and if you’re not protecting your business against losses or reputational damage, you could be vulnerable to this kind of attack. So what is card testing fraud, why is it a growing area of concern, and how can you prevent it from impacting your business? Here is a list of items to consider on how to avoid credit card testing fraud

    1. Explain what card testing is and why these attacks are becoming more prevalent.
    2. Walk you through a real-world example of how a card testing attack happens and the impact it can have.
    3. Explore proactive best practices for combating card testing fraud.
    4. Limit the pay tries to 3 times.
    5. If limit is reached, receive an alert.
    6. When limit is reached, block the user from paying.
    7. Add captcha to all payment forms and secure with CloudFlare page shield, select mode “under attack”. This will prevent payment page accessed and tried to charge credit cards by bots.
    8. Bots are # 1 enemy, so secure your pages as much as you can, and limit payment to only login and registered users.
    Credit card testing fraud - how to avoid


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