How to Use Clear Thomson Reuters for Businesses


Most companies and organizations are using Lexis, Accurint, TLO, IDI-Core and or still investigating with GOOGLE. Google provides great info and data, including google earth and satellite images. Clear provides more business investigative data. CLEAR’s Public Record data and International Adverse Media have in-depth investigative capabilities.

CLEAR Data offers:

  • People
    • Address, phone & email 
    • Drivers License
    • DMV – Vehicle Registration
    • LPR – License Plate Recognition
    • Bank Account Header Data 
    • Business Ownership
    • Real Property: Deeds, Tax Roll & Pre-Foreclosure
    • Criminal records
    • Arrest & Incarceration – Updated Hourly
    • Liens & judgments
    • Bankruptcy
    • Synthetic ID & Death Record Alert
    • Adverse Media Search & Monitoring
    • Social Media Search
    • OFAC
  • Business
    • Corp Filing
    • EIN
    • Duns #
    • Industry Codes
    • UCC Filings
    • Bankruptcy
    • Liens & Judgments
    • Commercial Affiliation
    • Marijuana Business Registration Data
    • 500+m International Business Profiles

Clear investigation software have been utilized by thousands of government agencies, business and non-profit organizations, banks, private companies.

Clear investigation software
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