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How to Use Clear Thomson Reuters for Businesses

    Last updated on October 2nd, 2023 at 07:59 am

    Most companies and organizations are using Lexis, Accurint, TLO, IDI-Core and or still investigating with GOOGLE. Google provides great info and data, including google earth and satellite images. Clear provides more business investigative data. CLEAR’s Public Record data and International Adverse Media have in-depth investigative capabilities.

    Clear Thomson Reuters Data Offers

    CLEAR Data offers several products:

    • People
      • Address, phone & email 
      • Drivers License
      • DMV – Vehicle Registration
      • LPR – License Plate Recognition
      • Bank Account Header Data 
      • Business Ownership
      • Real Property: Deeds, Tax Roll & Pre-Foreclosure
      • Criminal records
      • Arrest & Incarceration – Updated Hourly
      • Liens & judgments
      • Bankruptcy
      • Synthetic ID & Death Record Alert
      • Adverse Media Search & Monitoring
      • Social Media Search
      • OFAC
    • Business
      • Corp Filing
      • EIN
      • Duns #
      • Industry Codes
      • UCC Filings
      • Bankruptcy
      • Liens & Judgments
      • Commercial Affiliation
      • Marijuana Business Registration Data
      • 500+m International Business Profiles

    Clear investigation software have been utilized by thousands of government agencies, business and non-profit organizations, banks, private companies.

    Clear investigation software

    List of services Clear Thomson Reuters provides

    Thomson Reuters provides a wide range of services, primarily focusing on the provision of information for professionals in the areas of law, tax, compliance, government, and media. Below is a list of some of the services they provide across various sectors:

    Legal Services

    1. Westlaw: An online legal research service and proprietary database for lawyers and legal professionals available in over 60 countries.
    2. Practical Law: Provides legal know-how, transactional analysis and market intelligence for lawyers.
    3. Elite: Offers an enterprise business management solution to streamline legal operations.

    Tax & Accounting Services

    1. ONESOURCE: A comprehensive tax and accounting technology solution that enables global compliance and risk management.
    2. Checkpoint: A robust research and guidance tool for tax, audit, and accounting professionals.

    Finance & Risk Services

    1. Eikon: A set of software products for financial professionals to monitor and analyze financial information.
    2. Refinitiv Workspace: Offers financial analysis tools for investment professionals, combining news, content, analytics, and connectivity.

    Science & Intellectual Property Services

    1. Web of Science: A research database for scientific and scholarly research.
    2. Derwent Innovation: An intellectual property (IP) research and analysis tool, focusing on patent research and IP analytics.

    Compliance & Risk Services

    1. World-Check: Provides intelligence for mitigating risk related to financial crime.
    2. CLEAR: An investigative tool that provides a comprehensive collection of public and proprietary records to assist in due diligence and research.

    Government Services

    1. CLEAR for Government: Helps government agencies with investigative research and analysis, to enhance decision-making and improve national security.
    2. LegisPro: Provides legislative drafting, publishing, and legal research capabilities for government professionals.

    News & Media Services

    1. Reuters News Agency: Offers real-time, award-winning news coverage.
    2. Reuters Connect: A multimedia content distribution platform for news organizations.

    This is not an exhaustive list, as Thomson Reuters offers various other products, tools, and services across multiple domains, and the available services may evolve over time.

    History of Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters has a multifaceted history, stemming from the merger of two companies with long and diverse histories: Thomson Corporation of Canada and Reuters Group of the United Kingdom.

    Reuters Group

    Reuters Group has its roots in the 19th century. Paul Julius Reuter established the company in London in 1851, utilizing carrier pigeons to transmit stock market quotations between London and Paris. Reuters expanded its operations globally, establishing itself as a reputable source for international news and financial information.

    Thomson Corporation

    The Thomson Corporation, on the other hand, originated as a Canadian media company. It was founded by Roy Thomson in 1934 and grew to become a major multinational company with interests in publishing, printing, television, and other media sectors. Over time, Thomson shifted its focus toward electronic publishing and professional information services, divesting many of its traditional media assets.


    In 2008, The Thomson Corporation and Reuters Group PLC merged, forming Thomson Reuters. The merger aimed to create a global leader in the provision of information services, targeting professionals in fields such as finance, law, tax and accounting, science, and media.

    Post-Merger Developments

    Following the merger, Thomson Reuters continued to evolve, optimizing its business portfolio. In 2018, the company sold a 55% stake in its Financial & Risk business to private equity funds managed by Blackstone, resulting in the formation of a new company, Refinitiv.

    Present Day Operations

    Today, Thomson Reuters is a globally recognized provider of information and solutions for professionals in legal, tax and accounting, compliance, government, and media sectors. The company continues to invest in technology and innovation to develop cutting-edge products and services that help its customers make more informed decisions in their respective fields.

    It is headquartered in Eagan, MN, and operates in more than 100 countries, continuing to shape the industries it serves by providing essential insights, intelligent information, and innovative solutions.

    Headquarter Thomson Reuters


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