IMAP copy settings in Outlook

How to Export and Import Outlook Account IMAP Settings

  • Go to the registry editor. Search your windows with “registry…” and it will come up.
How to find the registry editor under windows
  • Back up all settings, following the steps:
    • Software
    • Microsoft
    • Office
    • 15.0 or 16.0, depending the local settings.
    • Outlook
    • Profiles (this is what you should look for.
    • *** We want to back this up = Outlook >> PROFILES

OR simply you can copy/paste the following explorer URL


Computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry
  • Export the PROFILES and save on your PC
Export the PROFILES
  • Better save the file in external hard drive. This way you can easily transfer and restore the settings on different PC
save the file in external hard drive
  • Then, on new PC, just DOUBLE click on the backup register file.
  • It will RUN, click “YES” to confirm to install into your Outlook
  • Open up your Outlook now.
  • Then, Outlook will request the passwords for ALL Email accounts.  You enter once, click on “save password” then the password will be saved on the local outlook file.
  • It will sync all your files – contacts, emails, calendars and then are good to go 😊
IMAP copy settings
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